GSX 2018

Every year, Cisco’s sales talent meets at a summit in Las Vegas known as GSX. At GSX 2018, Cisco planned on delivering the Hall of Fame gifts to the winners’ rooms. Cisco needed a partner they could rely on for impressive presentation and impeccable timing. Working in tandem with their event partner, George P Johnson (GPJ), we began collaborating on the aesthetic of each gift and the logistics of arranging for the room drop.

Cisco wanted the gift to be visually appealing, impressive and include a personal touch. With the help of GPJ, we took a decorated box, included the incredibly unique Tumi Pax puffer jacket, a supercharged 10,000mAh wireless power bank, along with a notecard. The lightweight, convertible jacket quickly becomes a business travelers dream when it converts to a neck pillow.

The note card relayed a personal thank you note, from Cisco’s VP of Sales, to the Hall of Famers in which they related the adaptability of the jacket to the recipients.

The Hall of Fame gifts were delivered to the winners rooms and the project was a huge success.